Hi, I’m Costa. It is simple to create outer shadow in SwiftUI by writing two lines of code. However, we can’t easily create inner shadow in SwiftUI. That’s the reason why I build this tool to make it simple and reusable.

Neumorphic is a SwiftUI utility to build Neumorphism Soft UI easily using custom view modifier and custom button style. It supports all shapes. It’s open source and it’s on GitHub!

Import Neumorphic package to your view.

import Neumorphic

Create Rounded Rectangle with Outer Shadow

It’s a game. There are rules.

I am not going to be talking about the techniques and skills of how to win this game.

Instead, I will focus on the thinking process of how to aim and pot a color ball.

Cue Direction and Force

You need to use the cue to hit the cue ball. That’s the rule. You can’t change that.

Therefore, you can play with the two key variables which are the cue direction and the force that applied to the cue ball.

It’s physics. If you use the cue to hit the cue ball, no doubt the cue ball will…

Costa C.

App Design, Simplicity, Innovation, Learning, Thinking, Creating  - Inspired by Steve Jobs, Bruce Lee, MJ

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